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National Geographic Books Rights & Permissions Policy

All material published by the National Geographic Society and its divisions is protected under copyright law. Written permission is required from the publisher if you wish to reproduce or license any material in any form.

All requests for permission from a book published by National Geographic must be made in writing, and may be submitted by mail, fax or email by following the guidelines below.

Please note that it is not our policy to grant permission verbally, nor will permission be granted via email. Additionally, no requests are handled on a “rush” basis.

Since many requests require research, please submit your request as early as possible. Please allow up to 6 weeks for a final written response to your request.

To expedite the handling of your request, please be certain to provide the most complete detail as possible. Please provide the following information:
  • Title and author from the National Geographic book you wish to request permission
  • ISBN (the number which appears on the back cover above the bar code)
  • The exact material you wish to reprint, including any maps, illustrations, or photographs to be used. Please provide copies of our material in context as well as the page numbers on which this material appears in our book.
  • Title and publisher of your book, proposed date of publication, page count, price, print run, and format (hardcover, softcover, e-book, etc.).
  • Territories of distribution you wish to reprint.
  • Languages for which you wish to pursue rights.
  • Full mailing address, telephone, and email at which we may reach you.
For academic course pack, classroom use, and non-academic photocopy requests, please indicate:
  • Title and author from the book you wish to request permission
  • ISBN
  • The exact material you wish to photocopy, including page numbers, including whether any maps, illustrations, or photographs are to be used.
  • The name of your course, if applicable.
  • Semester(s) and/or dates during which the material will be used.
  • Number of students in the class (or number of copies you wish to make).
  • If there will be any charge to students (or third parties) for the copies or course packs.
For all other subsidiary rights requests, including but not limited to dramatic performance, film/television, serial rights/excerpt/extract, and reprint rights, please provide the title, author and ISBN of the National Geographic book you wish to pursue rights on, the type of right you are seeking, and any other information that may be useful (including titles of your work, performance dates, and scripts). Please be as specific as possible in your request.
Please send all requests to:

National Geographic Books
Manager, Subsidiary Rights & Permissions
1145 17th Street NW, 6th floor
Washington DC 20036
Fax: 202/429-5230
Email: ngbookrights@ngs.org

Download the Permissions Request Form

For translation requests, please email: ngbookrights@ngs.org

For any additional permissions or rights questions, please email: ngbookrights@ngs.org

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